The Black Forest Lune Croissant Was The First Two-Day Challenge In 'MasterChef' History

Kate Reid took seven years to perfect her croissant recipe -- but the 'MasterChef' contestants had to try and recreate it in just two days.

"A mountain of technique, skill and time" was how contestant Simon explained the challenge ahead of himself, Derek and Steph.

The bottom three contestants were tasked with recreating the monster of a dessert comprising Kate's classic 'zont' with added double cream, tempered chocolate, a seam of piped chocolate frangipane, cherry jam, and chocolate mousse.

"Wowzers, McGowzers," Steph appropriately said as she stared down at the croissant that we'd very much like to propose to.

Croissant queen Kate informed the contestants that she was looking for a "beautiful, open honeycomb structure" throughout the pastry which is achieved through the process of lamination.

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Which, surprisingly, has nothing to do with the plastic you might use to cover school books or an office poster, and is actually the process of carefully folding butter between the layers of pastry using this impressive looking machine.

Now that's a laminating machine we can get behind. Photo: Network 10.

After being folded into the moon-like croissant shape, the dough needs to prove overnight which meant Simon, Derek and Steph had a very stressful night's sleep wondering what the hell they'd find when they arrived in the 'MasterChef' kitchen the next morning.

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"I don’t generally have much trouble sleeping but what I did have trouble with was, the next morning when I woke up thinking, ‘What am I in for?’" Steph told 10 daily after the challenge. 

'MasterChef' viewers were similarly stressed watching their favourites battle through the technical pressure test.

All three contestants put up some seriously impressive croissants but it was Steph's undercooked chocolate frangipane that sent her home.

The experience didn't scare Steph away from the art of the croissant -- she went on to complete work experience with Kate at Lune recently and smashed out over a thousand of the black forest pastries.

A sad farewell to Steph. Photo: Network 10.

If you've got a spare two days up your sleeve, you can have a stab at Kate's beautiful Black Forest Lune croissant by taking a look at the 41-step recipe over here.

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