One Of The Kids From 'Stranger Things' Is Hosting A Prank Show That Humiliates Job Seekers

It's been quite a few years since 'Punk'd' left the airwaves, so Gaten Matarazzo has stepped up to fill Ashton Kutcher's shoes.

But the new series will be a little different from the early '00s prank show because it will focus solely on a group of people who are in no way emotionally prepared for cruel trickery -- job seekers!

Netflix has ordered eight episodes of a series hosted by Matarazzo called 'Prank Encounters', according to Deadline.

The series will apparently be both "terrifying and hilarious" as it throws two desperate jobseekers into a completely manufactured first day at work.

"It’s business as usual until their paths collide and these part-time jobs turn into full-time nightmares," the description on Deadline reads.

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The concept has copped a bit of flak online with Twitter denouncing the idea of fooling an unemployed person into thinking they've finally landed a job.

Perhaps there's more to the series than meets the eye and the poor job seekers will get compensated with piles of money and a glowing reference from Matazarro to pop on their CV.

But currently, in this economy, it's difficult to see how 'Prank Encounters' will make fun of the unemployed in a nuanced or "hilarious" way.

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