A Reminder Of Some Of Heston Blumenthal's More Bonkers Recipes

The IRL Willy Wonka has arrived to inspire our 'MasterChef' contestants to experiment with flavour, texture and gravity this Sweet Week.

Blumenthal is known for pushing the culinary envelope with his scientific approach to the kitchen and his love of gadgets -- like using a sous vide machine to perfect something as simple as humble scrambled eggs.

The legendary chef will be kicking off Sweet Week with challenges that dare the top 12 to playfully connect with the type of sugary flavours that remind them of their childhoods -- just as Heston always tries to link the power of nostalgia into his own recipes.

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Blumenthal has used his wild imagination and technical skills to create recipes like an edible insect garden, an ejaculating cake, lickable wallpaper, snail porridge and chicken curry ice cream, just to name a few.

Here's a reminder of some of the culinary wizard's most impressive concoctions.

Counting Sheep

While this might look like a combination of bedroom and bathroom items from IKEA and the ability to perform sorcery, this dessert is actually a combination of coriander yoghurt, white mousse spray, lychee fluid gel, Earl Grey caramel, coconut ice cream, a steamed vanilla sponge and about 74 other elements. It took Heston 15 years and 9 months to perfect and was the subject of a suitably difficult pressure test during last year's grand finale.

You can find Heston's recipe for Counting Sheep over here.

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Verjus In Egg

While verjus is normally the realm of Maggie Beer, Heston has taken the liquid to a whole different level -- encased within a chocolate egg on a honey tuile nest. There's also orange biscuit with feuillitine (sort of like crispy crepes), crystallised coffee, and a coconut panna cotta.

If you have the time to set aside a few days of your life, you can find the recipe here.

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Meat Fruit

Because who doesn't love biting into something that looks like a delicious mandarin and then realising it's actually meat paste? In all seriousness, the meat fruit is a delectable chicken liver parfait made with an exquisite mandarin jelly and served with toasted sourdough. Heston first invented the dish during his 'Heston's Feasts' TV show when he was exploring Tudor-era menus from the royal court of King Henry VIII.

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BFG Hot Chocolate

This is is not the type of hot chocolate that involves mixing some cocoa powder with milk and whacking it in the microwave. In fact, this recipe includes a white chocolate foam, an olive oil biscuit, a salted butter caramel and something called 'millionaire's shortbread'. Find the tasty recipe here.

Photo: Network 10.
Gin And Tonic Nitro

For those of us that prefer to eat our cocktails with a spoon, this gin and tonic cloud packs a much bigger punch than the classic drink recipe with the inclusion of coriander seeds, fennel seed and juniper berries. Find the recipe over here.

Photo: Network 10.
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