MasterChef: You Might Want To Stock Up On Lollies Because Sweet Week Is Here

Beware, the week ahead is going to be filled with sugary desserts, crispy croissants and plenty of ice-cream.

Sweet Week has kicked off with the help of one of the most respected dessert magicians in the land -- Heston Blumenthal -- who unleashed a treasure trove of lollies with his deliciously colourful mystery box.

The challenge was inspired by lolly classics like freckles, spearmint leaves, cola bottles, milk bottles, and confectionary bananas, raspberries, pineapples and strawberries.

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And boy, were 'MasterChef' viewers sorry they hadn't nipped down the shops to stock up on sweets in preparation for watching the episode without any form of dessert.

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The sugar cravings only intensified during Sunday's second challenge when Heston and Gary unleashed the wall of cereal, with 'MasterChef' fans suddenly DESPERATE for a bowl of the breakfast food at dinner time.

And there were plenty of suggestions that everyone should probably just call it a day and mix up a batch of everyone's favourite primary school birthday treat -- chocolate crackles. Duh!

So if you were caught unawares during the dumpling challenge or the fried chicken challenge without stocking the fridge -- a warning that Sweet Week will continue to tempt and tantalise so you might want to grab a block of chocolate to share during 'MasterChef'.

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