Your First Look At 'Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders'

'Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders' is back, but will they skate through to the finish line, or perhaps need a bit of a boost?

Last season was absolutely packed with blindsides, killer strategic moves, hidden immunity idols and one really horrific nacho-eating session.

And today, we have the first look at what's in store for the coming season.

We're still scarred, tbh.

With Olympians, athletic legends and people who literally hold world records, the Champions are all set to dazzle us with their athletic prowess as we sit on our couches, setting the record for food delivery services used in one year.

Hey, to each their own, right?

Anyhoo, they're determined to prove that they're not just a champion in their own field, but in the game of Survivor, also.

Meanwhile, the Contenders are out to prove that they've got what it takes to battle the best of the best, and after losing out to the Champions last year, they're more determined than ever to have a Contender take home the title of Sole Survivor.

Here's who's heading out to Fiji for the Champions this year:

Andrew Ettingshausen, 53, NRL Legend

Andrew Ettingshausen, aka ET, is synonymous with NRL at this point. One of the most iconic names in the sport's recent history, he's renowned for being one of the best NRL players of our time, having played 328 games for the Cronulla Sharks over 18 years. His career is old enough to drink, and he was awarded the Daly M Centre of the Year Award in 1994 and 1996 for his efforts.

These days, ET is still living in Sydney's shire, being a dad to his four daughters and out on the water with his fishing show, 'Escape With ET'.

Janine Allis, 53, CEO Powerhouse

Janine straight up founded Boost Juice. She's the reason you get a free smoothie on your b'day! We stan, and so you guys, clearly -- there are over 600 Boost Juice locations in 15 countries, which puts Janine smack bang on the list of top Aussie businesses. Delicious!

Ross Clarke-Jones, 53, Big Wave Surfer

Surf's up! Known as Mad Dog, Ross is known for catching waves over 80 feet high. Guys, that's SO TALL. He was the first Aussie -- and first non-Hawaiian -- surfer to win the prestigious Quiksilver in Memory of Eddie Aikau, in 2001, so he's a Very Big Deal in the surfing world. If you're thinking 'mmm, 2001 was a while ago now', don't count him out yet -- he also took second place at the elite big wave competition now known as The Eddie in 2016. Watch out for Mad Dog!

Steven Bradbury, 45, Olympic Gold Medallist

Um, he's THIS GUY:

The man, the meme, the legend himself, Steven is THE former short track speed skater and four-time Olympian who took home the Gold Medal win at the 2002 Winter Olympics after his four opponents all collided, leaving him to skate to victory. A true Aussie hero, will he be able to do a Bradbury all the way to the end of 'Survivor'?!

Susie Maroney, 44, Marathon Swimmer

Not only is Susie the most highly decorated long-distance swimmer in Australian history, she once swam from Mexico to Cuba! The year was 1999, and Susie swam 200km in 38 hours. It's the world's longest open water swim, and no one has done it since then, so when we say "legends only!!!" we really mean it, ya know? Olympic swimmer Shane Gould took out the title of Sole Survivor last year, will Susie take it home for the swimmers again this year?

Meanwhile, over on the Contenders tribe...

John Eastoe, 28, Gold Miner

Honey Badger WHOMST?! John is the new true blue Aussie hero, and interestingly, he's not a 'Survivor' superfan who thinks he's got the game all figured out. Still, being the cheeky, tough and determined lad he is, he's hoping that it'll be a good time and that his aforementioned characteristics will help him make it all the way.

Matty Farrelly, 29, High school Teacher/Pro Wrestler

On the one hand, Matt's a humble history teacher with a soft side who knows how to look after people and make them feel comfortable. On the other hand, he's a pro wrestler who goes by Matty Wahlberg, and his wrestling persona is all about being arrogant, cocky and a self-professed “21st Century Success Story". What side will the game of Survivor bring out?

Sarah Ayles, 45, Cleaner

After surviving the 2004 Boxing Day tsunami while in Sri Lanka, Sarah knows a thing or two about getting through very tough conditions -- she jumped off a balcony and was dragged 800 metres before eventually being grabbed and pulled onto a roof. A mum of two who's been married for over 10 years, these days Sarah has taken that experience and found the positive in it, and hopes to inspire people to live life to the fullest.

'Australian Survivor: Champions Vs Contenders' is coming soon and will air only on 10 and WIN Networks.