'I'm Gutted': Someone's Delicious 'MasterChef' Quiche Ended Up In The Bin

A picnic isn't complete without a hearty quiche, but an important part of the recipe is to avoid dropping the whole thing on the floor

The green and red teams were told they'd be putting together picnic baskets for 100 people, plus the legendary Maggie Beer, with a spread that had to include a sandwich, a salad, a dip and a sweet treat with enough to feed one hundred hungry guests.

Led by captain Derek, the green team decided on a chicken Waldorf sandwich, a Caprese salad, hummus with flatbread, a chocolate brownie and ... a quiche.

Photo: Network 10.

Nicole jumped on quiche duty, and with some help from Derek, began prepping the pastry for 12 whole quiches.

Work with me, dough! PhotoL Network 10.

After popping the quiche pastry in the oven and she worked out the delicious three cheese and pancetta filling, Nicole noticed the first quiche disaster unfolding -- the mystery of the disappearing quiche pastry.

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"Derek, they're SHRINKING!" Nicole exclaimed as she watched the pastry edges creep further and further towards the crusty base.

"The pastry is shrinking a lot, it's upsetting because it took ages to do all of the pastry," Nicole said.

Photo: Network 10.

"I don't want to be responsible for our team going into elimination," she added.

Cool, calm and collected Derek didn't allow Nicole to freak out, totally chill that the quiches would still be able to hold some eggy filling.

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But as Nicole began filling up the shortcrust tarts and delivering them back into the oven, DISASTER struck.

One of the precious quiches slipped from her grip, falling into a sloppy mess across mixing bowls and cartons of eggs on the makeshift kitchen floor.

Photo: Network 10.

But worse than being one quiche down to serve the hungry guests, Nicole put the sad pie straight in the bin! Which seems like a waste of quiche? We would have definitely saved the dirty quiche and popped it in the oven later for a snack after working so hard on the challenge.

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Anyway, Derek barely batted an eyelid, adjusting the team's plan to cut the pies into smaller portions, easy!

Photo: Network 10.

And when the team captain delivered the green team's bountiful picnic basket to Matt, George, Gary and Maggie --the judges were none the wiser about the drama that had unfolded, singing the praises of the cheesy, crispy, perfectly proportioned quiche.

"That's your aged 90-year-old country grandmother's made that," said Matt, closing his eyes in bliss as he chomped into the savoury treat.

"They were worried about it being flat, but I think it's perfect," said George.

The green team ended up winning the day with their perfect picnic spread -- and quiche Lorraine -- saving them from Thursday's elimination challenge.

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