'Where Did You Get That Rocket Launcher?': 'Todd Sampson's Body Hack' Heads To The Gaza Strip

In the new season of 'Todd Sampson's Body Hack', Todd and the team originally went to document the lives of emergency medics.

Going to the Gaza strip to see the intense pressures emergency medics face on a daily basis, the focus of the series began to shift as Todd and the team decided to expand the focus for the first episode to so much more.

"'Body Hack' is not a political show and not one that takes sides," Sampson said, "'Body Hack' is a show about the human condition at the extremes and there's no doubt that the Palestinians in Gaza are living and working at the very edge.

"The episode showed what we experienced and aimed to educate people on understanding the complexities of those living in Gaza," he continued, "I am both pro-Israeli and pro-Palestinian. I’m also pro-Human Rights."

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The new season launches with the 'Body Hack' crew covering more than just the emergency medics working -- arriving during the March of Return protests.

The protests have been raging for a year, with Palestinians demanding the right to return to their ancestral home, protesting along the fence separating the Gaza strip from Israel every Friday.

More than 260 people have been killed and almost 30,000 injured in the ongoing protests.

The crew follow emergency medics -- who repair bullet wounds and have to amputate limbs in one of the most dangerous locations on Earth -- a Palestinian protestor's funeral and come face-to-face with the Islamic Jihad.

"We set out to do a show about the people living in Gaza," Sampson said, "it’s a documentary not a current affairs show.

"My goal was to tell this story as truthfully as possible. It’s not about balance, it’s about being true to the experience. Balance is a side effect of good story-telling"

The season features some incredibly graphic scenes, not shying away or censoring injuries, the deceased or medical procedures. Sampson said this wasn't something viewers should be surprised by.

"We did cannibalism last season. While we put a warning at the beginning, generally people know what to expect with this series."

"The reason we showed ‘some of what we experienced’ is because not showing it would be omitting the truth and the actual experience. We have chosen NOT to show many things," Sampson continued, "The editorial decisions were based on the accuracy of the story-telling, not on people being sensitive to blood and surgery."

The new season of 'Todd Sampson's Body Hack' premieres Tuesday, June 25 at 8.40 on 10 and WIN Network.