The Best, Most Comforting Maggie Beer 'MasterChef' Recipes

It wouldn't be 'MasterChef' without the warm presence of Australia's favourite foodie, Maggie Beer.

The Barossa Valley legend first joined the series as a guest judge during the show's second season and has returned every year since because she has a strong belief in the show's core philosophy.

"It is about sharing knowledge and learning, isn’t it?" Maggie asked 10 daily.

"So, yes, I think it’s fantastic," she said of the cooking competition.

Maggie told us that she loves the way contestants "put their normal lives aside" to turn their passion for food into a fully-formed career.

"It’s always the most beautiful group of people and they’re always different but they’re there because they have a dream and they’re following it through," she said.

The 'Harvest' author added that the show caters to all types of contestants, from those who have taken inspiration from Heston Blumenthal's scientific approach to food to the more Nigella Lawson/Yotam Ottolenghi/Maggie Beer style of simple and generous home cooking.

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"There is a real mix, and I think it’s important that the boys celebrate that, that it is about quality and flavour and at times its about creativity and at times it’s about making the most of the ingredients at hand and the boys do foster that," she said of judges Matt Preston, George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan.

To celebrate Maggie's tenth appearance on 'MasterChef' this year, we decided to have a hunt through some of the recipes she's cooked up on the show that are absolutely perfect for attempting this winter.

A reminder that you will need to stock up on verjuice before cooking any Maggie recipes!

Tarte Tatin

A classic French dessert made with rough puff pastry and served with delicious homemade ice cream and garnished with rosemary. You can find Maggie's recipe here.

Photo: Network 10.

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Poached Apples, Olive Oil Pudding and Sabayon

Another delicious recipe that celebrates the flavour combo of apples and rosemary, served with an olive oil pudding that's sure to impress your dinner party guests. Have a squiz at Maggie's recipe here.

Photo: Network 10.

Pheasant Pie with Radicchio and Jus

Okay, hear us out here. We know that pheasant isn't a bird that you can just pick up from the corner shop on your way home. It's fancy poultry, yes.

But if you're keen to give this one a crack for a special occasion, you can have a look at the Sustainable Table ethical meat suppliers directory to find out where you can buy pheasant meat near you -- or you could substitute the pheasant for chicken, just don't Maggie we said that! Find the recipe here.

Photo: Network 10

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Maggie knows her flavour combos and is well aware that apple sauce, cavolo nero and tarragon grapes work perfectly with this crunchy yet juicy loin of pork. Find the recipe here.

Chicken Money Bag, Bitter Green Salad, Preserved Lemon and Tomato Chutney

This recipe says it serves three so you might want to double, or even triple, the quantities here so you can eat more of these chicken and Portobello mushroom pastry treats. Find Maggie's recipe here.

Photo: Network 10.

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Octopus with Squid Ink Pasta

A recipe that immediately looks like it was cooked at a restaurant because squid ink pasta is FANCY. But it's surprisingly available at local supermarkets and delis these days and works perfectly with this fresh octopus and Kalamata olives. Recipe here!

Photo: Network 10.
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