The Music Of Kylie Minogue Works Perfectly As 'MasterChef' Advice

There's a lot of wisdom to be found in the back catalogue of Ms Kylie Minogue.

And the music of our Australian pop princess works surprisingly well as culinary advice, something that 'MasterChef' judge Matt Preston is well aware of.

Guiding contestants Walleed, Nicole and Christina through an elimination challenge that involved taking a risk on some mystery cloches, Preston imparted the amateur cooks with advice from a classic Minogue tune.

And no, it wasn't "Locomotion".

"You could get better ingredients or you could let those immortal words of Kylie Minogue resonate: better the devil you know," he said, quoting Minogue's early '90s era banger.

Which made us realise -- there are a TONNE of Kylie singles that work perfectly as advice on 'MasterChef' and because we're now at the halfway point of the competition, we thought we'd follow Preston's lead and hand out some MinogueChef wisdom.

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This synth-pop single from Kylie's 2003 record 'Body Language' might have originally been intended to describe an ~intimate~ evening but could actually be re-imagined as an ode to slow cooking and works as recipe direction for Preston's slow-cooked beef in stout. Yeah, slowwww.

"Spinning Around"

It was the year 2000 and Kylie burst into the millennium with her 'Light Years' record and an iconic appearance at the Sydney Olympics. This tune is about feeling yourself at the club but also possibly a tune celebrating the magic of salad spinners because no one likes soggy lettuce.

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A song that was co-written by Dev Hynes aka Blood Orange so you just know it's a bona fide tuuuuune. It could also be referring to crystallised ginger and works as 'MasterChef' advice if you're ever using crystallised violet petals in a fancy dessert recipe, like this one.


"Melt me slowly down/Like chocolate" is definitely advice on how to temper chocolate, a technical skill that always pops up on 'MasterChef', like in this Chocolate de Passion recipe from Queensland Week. Merci beaucoup, Kylie!

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"I Believe In You"

Released in 2004, "I Believe In You" is an anthem of positivity, which is exactly what 'MasterChef' is all about. No nastiness, no tough love, just three judges who are genuinely rooting for the contestants to succeed because they BELIEVE in their talent.

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