'I've Done It!': Tim Bone Wins Back His Place In The 'MasterChef' Kitchen

Tim Bone has claimed back a coveted white apron just a week after leaving the competition.

The fan favourite proved his talent in the kitchen throughout the season but was eliminated after a bamboozling dessert challenge in Queensland last week -- Shannon Kellam's Chocolate de Passion.

The pressure test involved remembering the tricky recipe off by heart and Tim confessed that his memory can be a bit patchy.

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But Tim, along with his fellow former contestants, got another bite at the cherry with Monday night's second chance cook, one last shot to get back into the competition.

The kitchen garden educator was able to play to his strengths and avoid desserts altogether, selecting a beautiful beef fillet to cook with.

Photo: Network 10.

Tim nervously plated up his steak with mushrooms, parsnip purée and miso butter -- worried that the beef might be too rare.

"That looks like the best steak and mushroom I've seen in a while," said Matt Preston.

And although the meat was almost blue, both Gary Mehigan and Preston sang its praises.

"You've outdone yourself, that is smashing," said Mehigan, praising the perfectly cooked steak, creamy purée and jammy, caramelised shallot.

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Photo: Network 10.

After finding out that his dish was the winner of the day, Tim said he might have to call his wife and let her know he'd be staying in the 'MasterChef' house a little longer.

"You bloody ripper!" said Tim, adding that the impressive dish had given him the confidence to look ahead to maybe even making it all the way to the 'MasterChef' final.

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