MasterChef: Return Of The Dreaded 'Everything' Mystery Box

It's the night when the rules of the mystery box are turned upside down.

Instead of the incredibly easy option of cooking with at least one item from the secret shopping list, contestants will be forced to cook every single bit of produce they find under the wooden crate.

'MasterChef' has unveiled the ingredients ahead of Sunday night's episode so we can all ponder what the hell we'd do if we found ourselves trying to find a solution to this culinary conundrum.

What would you cook if you opened the fridge and found: a rack of lamb, some olive oil, Brussel sprouts, lemons, leeks, Greek yoghurt and rosemary?

Oh, and remember, someone is shouting at you that you'll be evicted from your home if you don't somehow incorporate them into a single, harmonious recipe.

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Would you combine them all into a single lumpy stew? Throw them into the sous-vide machine or blast chiller and hope for the best?

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'MasterChef' fans have been offering up their suggestions on Instagram -- and they're coming up with some pretty tasty options.

"Rosemary, lemon and olive oil roasted lamb rack served on a parsnip and yoghurt puree with roasted Brussel sprouts and a leek, lemon and yoghurt salsa verde," wrote @thegreekvegetarian.

"Rosemary baked lamb chop, parsnip lemon yogurt purée, braised leeks & Brussels," said @alexbelew.

The rack of lamb is the only ingredient that's not as versatile as the rest, but our Season 11 contestants always manage to surprise us.

As the pointy end of the competition draws nearer, the judges will only be tasting the three most appealing dishes -- so the heat is ON.

Tune in tonight from 7.30pm to see what they come up with.

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