'I Want To Hate You': The Explosive 'MasterChef' Dish That Broke George Calombaris

Chilli-fearing George Calombaris has been struck down by one of the spiciest dishes to be plated up on 'MasterChef'.

During Sunday night's challenge, the top 13 contestants were asked to cook an ingredient whole, making every element the hero of the dish -- from nose to tail and from root to leaf.

While some chose to cook a whole snapper or use every single part of a bulb of fennel, Tessa decided to go big and serve up an impressive chilli mud  crab.

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Which was good news for pretty much everyone -- except George.

Over the last decade of 'MasterChef', Calombaris has become known for his almost allergic reaction to anything with a hint of spice, eyeing any dish with so much as a light sprinkling of chilli with intense fear.

Exhibit A: George's face when Tessa walked up to the judges with her spicy meal. Photo: Network 10.

George attempted to prepare himself for the impending blast by rolling up his sleeves. Matt Preston kindly tried to keep him company by removing his blazer to get stuck into the crab.

Uh-oh. Photo; Network 10.

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With slices of chilli so thick they could be seen from outer space, George began displaying some immediate physical symptoms after tucking into a chilli-laden crab leg.

The danger zone. Photo: Network 10.

"I'm going to pass out," George whimpered as he began pacing the room, with beads of sweat streaming down his head and neck.

The chilli-sweats. Photo: Network 10.

"Um, you might have broken, George," Preston informed Tessa, who clearly had ZERO remorse about the amount of chilli she'd used.

But although George was clearly in a severe amount of pain, his tastebuds were still singing from the flavour-packed crab dish.

"I want to hate you but I absolutely love that plate of food," he said.

"I feel dizzy, I'm sweating like you wouldn't believe. I actually think it's the worst ever, but it's the best ever. It's so worth it because that is just delicious."

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Which, to be clear, if you're ever feeling dizzy and sweating profusely after eating out at a restaurant, it's probably food poisoning and you should seek medical assistance immediately.

But for Tessa, it was the sign of a well-executed dish, with the Queenslander earning a spot in the next immunity challenge along with Abbey, Ben and Simon.

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