Nicole Kidman Revealed Her Kids Have Cameo Roles In 'Big Little Lies'

Nicole Kidman revealed that her daughters Sunday and Faith got to come to work on set with their mum this year.

In an interview filmed for The Project, Ang Bishop pointed out that she spotted Kidman's daughters' names pop up on the end credits for the upcoming second season of 'Big Little Lies'.

"Are they on there...they shouldn't be on the credits!" joked Kidman.

Chatting to Bishop along with co-stars Laura Dern and Reese Witherspoon, Kidman explained that she just wanted to bring her daughters -- with country star Keith Urban -- to work with her that day.

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"They were there the day that Reese got the ice cream truck for my birthday," she laughed of their cameo appearance as school girls on the hit TV show.

Kidman said we do get to see Sunday and Faith's faces in a classroom scene, but that her daughters made it clear they would have liked a bigger role.

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Co-star Laura Dern said watching Kidman at work with her daughters made her fondly remember her own childhood growing up on set with her famous mother.

"I remember being their exact age on set being an extra with my mum and it was really touching to me," said Dern, who appeared in 1973's 'White Lightning' with her mother Dianne Ladd.

Dern described the sweetness of "being a worker with your children at work with you" and how that memory was stirred up with watching 10-year-old Sunday and eight-year-old Faith on set.

The new season of 'Big Little Lies' will begin streaming on Foxtel on June 10. 

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