‘Go Walleed!’: Everyone Is Rooting For MasterChef’s Quiet Achiever

We finally got to meet a 'MasterChef' contestant who's flown under the radar this season.

Walleed Rasheed has been quietly cooking delicious food and avoiding elimination -- but he's also managed to avoid talking to the camera much.

He's created quite the mysterious air, with fans craving more Walleed air time and wondering what he's plating up, what he's thinking and whether he's yelling at anyone from the gantry.

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But Wednesday night's team challenge answered all of our prayers because we finally heard Walleed say multiple sentences after he was chosen to lead the blue team for the Queensland BBQ challenge.

And 'MasterChef' fans were over the damn moon that their quiet hero would be this episode's leading man.

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With mentor Matt Sinclair, Walleed led teammates Larissa, Abbey, Derek, Anushka, Tati and Sandeep to put together a monster feast of prawns, lamb cutlets, charred eggplant and a mango and papaya salad.

It was Walleed's first time as team captain and it was a bit of a rocky start as he struggled to find his feet in bossing people around.

"Being captain is much harder than what it actually looks like, it’s tough right now," he said, later adding that his stress levels were hitting a solid 11/10. 

Leave Walleed alone! Photo: Network 10.

Noticing the chaos that was unfolding in the kitchen, mentor Matt Sinclair took Walleed for a stern word outside the Noosa surf club, leading Twitter to simultaneously yell, "LEAVE WALLEED ALONE!".

And you know what? After the pep talk, Walleed was positively transformed and took control of the challenge with a new air of confidence.

The blue team smashed through the challenge, avoiding elimination and we're just hoping this means we'll be hearing a lot more from Walleed from now on.

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Main Photo: Network 10.