Yep, This Was Definitely The Toughest 'MasterChef' Challenge Yet

Technical dessert skills are one thing -- but could you recreate an iconic dessert without a recipe?

We thought that Clare Smyth's pear and lemon verbena vacherin four-hour pressure test was tricky enough, but at least that came with some detailed guidelines.

And last week's recipe-less paella pressure test? A snap compared to this psychological nightmare.

Contestants Tim, Larissa, Steph and Ben were tasked with re-creating a dessert that definitely required some kind of postgraduate chemistry degree to assemble -- the Passion de Chocolate.

The Passion de Chocolate. Photo: Network 10.

The dessert can be found on the menu at Brisbane's Montrachet and should not be attempted by the faint of heart.

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The recipe involves having access to some kind of spray tanning chamber, except, instead of fake tan, you fill a pressurised gun with cocoa -- easy, right?

You also have to temper chocolate around what looks like a piece of spare plumbing.

Then, if you weren't stressed enough, you have to forage for these tiny micro herbs to decorate the plate -- a nightmare!

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The contestants who landed in the bottom four after Sunday's food truck challenge had to remember precise quantities and ratios for ingredients like dextrose and stabilising agents after a quick run through from chef and dessert mastermind Shannon Kellam.

Unfortunately, the diabolical dessert sent competition favourite Tim Bone home and we'd like to agree that THIS IS NOT FAIR.

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Main Photo: Network 10.