Tim Bone Leaves 'MasterChef' In Shock Elimination

Early 'MasterChef' favourite Tim Bone has left the competition after a particularly harrowing dessert pressure test.

After landing in the bottom four following Sunday's Brisbane food truck challenge with Ben, Steph and Larissa, Tim was faced with reproducing chef Shannon Kellam's signature dessert -- the Chocolate de Passion -- which is exactly as daunting as it sounds.

The contestants not only had to reproduce the architecturally stunning dish made of Grand Marnier brûlée, passion fruit curd, chocolate hazelnut praline mousse and strawberry sorbet -- they had to do so without a recipe.

"My heart was racing when I heard what the challenge was," Tim told 10 daily.

"Not really being a desserts man, I was very worried that I had to recreate such an intricate dish with no recipe but I gave it a good crack," he added.

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It was the first time the usually calm and optimistic Tim has looked genuinely concerned as he tried to remember the exact measurements for the recipe that, at times, more closely resembled a science lab procedure.

"Not a desserts man". Photo: Network 10.

"It’s definitely the hardest thing I had to do in the competition," Tim told 10 daily, adding that there "were so many elements and measurements that I had to remember".

But although Tim was clearly rattled, as he tried to remember how much dextrose and how much sorbet stabiliser was needed -- he somehow pushed through to plate up a dish that looked remarkably similar to the one on the menu at Brisbane's Montrachet.

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"I try and turn my nervous tension into positive energy when I’m cooking," Tim explained.

"If I feel I’m getting overwhelmed, I stop and take a few deep breaths and then get back into it. I just had to believe in my abilities that I could get it done. I was pretty proud of what I plated up, unfortunately, it just wasn’t enough to save me," he added.

The original Passion de Chocolate. Photo: Network 10.

Tim was one of the first contestants to make it through to the top 24 in this season of 'MasterChef' with his impressive crispy pork belly with celeriac puree and charred fennel and has gone on to be a solid achiever in the competition -- wowing the judges with his pan-fried chicken and tarragon butter sauce.

The kitchen garden specialist said he was "devastated" when the judges announced that his dessert wasn't up to scratch and that he'd be heading home in the middle of Queensland Week.

"I felt like I had unfinished business, I still had so much more to show. It was sad leaving the other contestants, we've become really close. I’ve made amazing life long friendships," said Tim.

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Not a dry eye in the house for Tim's elimination. Photo: Network 10.

But although the competition brought him closer to a bunch of wonderful lifelong friends, it also meant a long stretch of time away from his wife and family.

"Abbey is so supportive and encouraging of my 'MasterChef' journey, it’s hard being apart and contact is limited while you’re in the house but we become a family in there and we all look after each other. I’ve definitely missed weekend walks at the farmers market with our dog Harry the most," said Tim of being back home in Victoria.

Tim joked that after his performance during Sunday night's food truck challenge, he might have to re-think his food dream.

"Maybe food trucks aren’t my thing after Sunday night's performance," he laughed.

"But yes, I would still love to start a food truck selling gourmet toasted sandwiches using beautiful fresh local produce," said Tim.

We can't wait to give them a try!

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