'We Walked Out And Just Burst Into Tears': Steph Recounts Her Food Truck Fire Nightmare

On Sunday's episode of 'MasterChef', Queensland Week began with a bang... quite literally.

It's always important to be one of the first to do something in 'MasterChef' history, but for Steph and Larissa... being the firsts to set fire to a food truck probably wasn't what they had in mind.

On Sunday night all the chefs were paired off and given a food truck with a particular cuisine predetermined, Larissa and Steph were in the Vietnamese food truck.

Speaking to 10 daily after the challenge, Steph said it was a double dream come true to not only be paired with Larissa but also to get the Vietnamese food truck.

"I went on this huge holiday to Vietnam last year," Steph said, "I did so many cooking schools, it's one of my favourite cuisines."

Each team was striving for one of two achievements -- a truck with the best food as chosen by the judges or the truck which sold the most dishes and raised the most money.

MasterChef Australia: Steph De Sousa's Food Truck Fire
A devastated duo was onto a winning combo of teamwork and delicious dishes. Photo: Network 10.

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"There were some stressful moments," Steph said, "But we were actually going for best dish AND the most amount of money raised. We're both a bit competitive so we were trying to make 120 serves of each dish."

Calling Larissa a gun in the kitchen, the pair were off to a brilliant start making their dishes: a beef Pho and a crispy pork belly Vietnamese salad. At some point, Larissa realised the pork belly wasn't crisping up as much as they liked so they thought they would "rip it right up".

"We had gotten everything ready, we were on time and ready to plate... I think we got about four plates of each out and I heard this little noise behind me," Steph said.

"Something wasn't quite right... I turned around and saw this big flame at the back of the oven -- I don't know if I screamed -- my instinct was to save the pork belly."

MasterChef Australia: Steph De Sousa's Food Truck Fire
If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. And also get out of the kitchen because it's on fire. Photo: Network 10.

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Steph opened the oven to try and save the pork belly still cooking which introduced oxygen to the blaze, making it worse and giving Steph a few nasty burns.

In fact, Steph told 10 daily that both she and Larissa ended up with a few nasty war wounds, with both thinking they could get the blaze under control and go back to service.

"Bless Larissa," Steph added, "She just kept serving until they dragged her out.

While we saw the pair keep their cool, obviously disappointed to land in the bottom due to the technicality that their food -- after being sprayed with a fire extinguisher -- was no longer able to be served Steph said she and Larissa went into shock afterwards while being tended to by a nurse.

MasterChef Australia: Steph De Sousa's Food Truck Fire
Steph and Larissa kept their cool but once the cameras stopped rolling, the pair went into shock. Photo: Network 10.

"I cry all the time on the show but Larissa never cries! We walked off the set and both of us just burst into tears."

The dynamic duo didn't want to give up while they were in the truck and Steph revealed the pair haven't given up their food truck dreams either.

"We're going to get a food truck and we're going to sell that food," she said, laughing. "Honestly, we had the best day. We feel like we need to do it for ourselves! We've spoken about it heaps."

We'll definitely be keeping our eyes peeled for Steph and Larissa's second shot at their Vietnamese food truck (with a fire extinguisher handy just in case...)

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