Matt Preston: Harry Styles Is Swagger-Jacking Me!

"Back off, brother! That's MY LOOK!"

Describing Hazza's MO, Matt didn't mince his words.

"I just feel that every time I do something, two years later, Harry Styles does it," he told 10 daily, before listing off a slew of examples.

"It started with the red and yellow block coloured pants," he began. "I wore them, two years later comes One Direction at the Logies, they're wearing them!"

The sartorial war begins... Image: Getty.

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"Then, I start wearing frock coats. Next thing you know, there's a One Direction video in the desert, he's wearing a long frock coat."

To see Matt's full list of stolen ensembles, check out the video above. And if you're Harry Styles (thanks for checking out 10 daily!) MATT'S ONTO YOU!!!

Feature image: Getty / 10