'Things Couldn't Have Gone Better': Kyle Lyons Reveals The Silver Lining To His 'MasterChef' Elimination

For many 'MasterChef' contestants, elimination is a devastating moment but for Kyle, things had an extremely happy twist.

Speaking to 10 daily via phone after his elimination, Kyle explained how things couldn't have gone better for his time in the competition.

In order to be in the competition, Kyle had to leave his partner Helen, who was pregnant with twins.

"When I came out [of the competition] she had the babies a week and a half, maybe just over two weeks later," Kyle said, "and because they were twins they could have come earlier."

Despite his time in the competition being cut short, Kyle was still incredibly chuffed with what he had achieved, reflecting on being able to spend several weeks plating up some incredible dishes, meeting some of the celebrity guest chefs and working alongside the other chefs, then getting home in perfect time to meet his twin daughters.

"It's absolutely lucky," he said.

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Because she could have given birth at any point while he was in the competition, Kyle revealed he was able to call his partner once a day, "Which was a lot more than the other contestants got to do," he said.

And while she was supported by both of their parents, being so far away from his partner began to take a toll on Kyle's mind.

"In my opinion, the biggest part of this game is mental, and you know I think it shows in my last week's cooking I was going downhill," he said before quickly adding, "Not excusing my cooking, but it was definitely a big part of it."

One of the big questions lingering in the air is why would pescatarian Kyle -- famous for his aversion to cooking with meat -- would decide to cook with pork when he had the freedom to cook anything at all.

"I definitely regret it now," he said, laughing, "Leading up to the elimination I felt like I was trying to reach further out of my comfort zone than I should have.

"I was aware that just cooking vegetables and fish wasn't something I would get away with for too long, so I really started practising," he said.

The pressure-cooker pork that eventually sent him packing was a dish Kyle had practised several times in the 'MasterChef' house, but putting on the dreaded black apron really emphasised the 'pressure' part of 'pressure-cooker'.

"When you're doing a practice cook you give yourself allowances for little things that don't count for time," Kyle said. "You give yourself a bit of slack, but it actually adds a bit of time [to the cook]."

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Through his time in the competition, pressure-cooker pork wasn't the only thing Kyle picked up, saying his time in the house introduced him to new flavours and cuisines.

Since leaving the 'MasterChef' kitchen Kyle has done some work experience for Cook and Mason as well as working on menu items for the brewery and Freo Social and planning pop-ups and the food and wine festival. He's got a lot on his plate, but there's also the new additions to the family: Pippa and Rosie.

"They are so amazing," Kyle gushed, "they're smiling an starting to laugh. They're the cutest!"

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Featured image: Network 10.