Tim Ferguson Described The 'Invisible Symptoms Of MS'

On World MS Day, comedian Tim Ferguson stopped by The Project to talk about the hidden symptoms of multiple sclerosis.

"You can be working with people and have no idea that they’re in pain or their muscles aren't working or their vision's gone wacky, they’ve stopped being able to hear you -- or they've completed lost interest," he joked. 

"These are invisible symptoms but, nonetheless, they can actually be really strong, very powerful and really inhibit what they're trying to do in their life," said Ferguson, who first announced his MS diagnosis in 2010. 

Ferguson said that World MS Day is all about making people aware of how to best support people in their lives with multiple sclerosis.

"You don't want to be like, 'oh how are you?' all the time," he said.

"But its worth being aware if they say, 'I need to take a break' that you just let them take a break," Ferguson said. 

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The former Doug Anthony All Stars legend said he didn't mention that he had MS to the rest of his comedy troupe for 12 years because he "didn't want anyone to worry".

"When I left the group originally, I really didn't know what it was, I just knew it kept coming and going and it was becoming more and more severe, given our rock star lifestyle," he said of the All Stars' fame during the '80s and '90s.

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"But when I did tell the guys, it was a bit of relief to them, and it was virtually the same time I told the rest of the world. But until then, I just kept it to myself, because why panic everybody?"

Ferguson has been back on stage with the Doug Anthony All Stars recently -- where fellow comedian Paul McDermott hasn't held back in roasting Ferguson on stage.

"But that's part of the enjoyment!" Ferguson laughed, watching a clip of his old friend. "And you've got to put a happy spin on it because he was going to torment me anyway."

You can find details for Tim's new show 'A Fast Life On Wheels' over here

Main Photo: Network 10.