Pokémon To Launch New Game You Play By Actually Sleeping

Looks like in this case, you snooze you may not lose.

It looks like good news for every Snorlax out there, during a Pokémon Company press conference they made the announcement of a new game. One you play... by sleeping.

Yep, first they made walking around a game with the release of Pokémon Go, and now the Pokémon Company looks to make sleeping just another game with a new announcement.

It was part of a series of announcements, including a Nintendo Switch game centred around the character of Detective Pikachu. They also announced Pokémon Home -- a cloud service which will work across devices including the Switch and iOS and Android devices, giving players the ability to pool their Pokémon collections across recent games.

The fourth announcement was another game, Pokémon Masters, an RPG where players could play against some of their favourite trainers from the main series.

But it was the announcement of Pokémon Sleep that has raised eyebrows.

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In 2020 the Pokémon Company are looking to release a game that will use sleep tracking as a playing mechanic. The company hopes the new game will "give players something to look forward to wake up [to] every morning."

Nintendo has also developed a sleep-tracking device they're calling the Pokémon Go Plus + (not to be confused with the Pokémon Go Plus). The new device will be similar to pre-existing Pokémon Go companion devices however can also be placed next to a player's pillow at night to track sleep.

The Pokémon Go Plus + will then send the info back to a user's phone via Bluetooth.

The announcement of Pokémon Sleep was also celebrated by the addition of Sleeping Snorlax into Pokémon Go, in case you were needing to catch a very sleepy boy.

Featured image: Twitter @Pokémon.