Troy Kinne Reveals How He 'Exploits' Amy Schumer

After a chance meeting with Amy Schumer years ago, the pair became fast friends.

Speaking to 10 Daily over the phone yesterday, ahead of the premiere of 'Kinne Tonight', Kinne revealed that he met Amy right before her career blew up.

Working on 'Fifi and Jules' in Sydney at the time, Kinne recalled a time before Amy was a household name.

"I used to do silly interviews with celebrities,  and I was doing one with Josh Lawson. I rang the producers at Fox FM and said ‘I’ve actually got Amy Schumer here who’s a comedian, she’s going to become pretty famous, she’s got her own sketch show, I could do one with her as well, we’ve written one with her’," he said.

"And they said ‘oh, nah, don’t bother, ‘coz I don’t think anyone really knows who she is’," he recalled, laughing as he added: "Probably two weeks later, they were like ‘have you still got Amy Schumer?’"

But that wasn't all. In fact, Amy was included in one of the sketches, but all you could see was her hand.

"We framed her out of the shot!" he laughed. "It’s ridiculous."

Calling her "great", Kinne mused: "I think she realises we sort of started off on the same level and she’s just shot to absolute fame and fortune, and I’m just trying to exploit that guilt as much as I can!" he laughed.

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So far, he hasn't needed to exploit their friendship too much, though. In fact, Amy has gone out of her way to help him out, without even being asked.

"I was in New York with a mate of mine, Max, who’s the director of the show, and I just texted her like ‘hey, I don’t think you’re in town but just letting you know I’m here’," he recalled. "And she goes ‘nah, I’m in Boston. By the way, you’re now doing 10 minutes at the Comedy Cellar tonight’, ‘coz she’d just like, organised it."

As for whether we'll see Amy appear on 'Kinne Tonight', Kinne said that he hadn't been able to organise it for this season due to Amy's pregnancy, but would love to have her on in the future.

And Amy's not the only Hollywood star he'd have on the show. Asked who his dream guests would be, Kinne listed Mark Wahlberg, as well as his childhood-and-current celeb crush, Jennifer Aniston, and Matt Damon.

"I’ve always said that if I met Matt Damon I reckon we’d become good mates," he said with a self-deprecating laugh. "So I’d love to have Matt Damon, for sure... People who I think I’d become mates with afterwards and could then exploit their friendship!"

While he may not have snagged a Matt Damon guest spot just yet, Kinne is excited about the upcoming season of 'Kinne Tonight'.

With a mix of live sketches, games and interviews, as well as pre-recorded sketches, Kinne said that they're "trying to be as relatable as possible", and that he feels they've really hit their stride.

"We’ve brought the internet feel across to TV, I think we’ve done that really well," he explained. "These days, people see a video that says three minutes, they won’t even click it. So we’ve found those little sketches and little one-liner ones, like ‘Things Never Said In A Bar At 3 am’ -- they’re just little bursts of energy that are filtered through the show just to keep your attention, really."

Kinne Tonight airs at 9.30pm on Mondays, only on 10 and WIN Networks. Missed last night's episode? Catch up now on 10 Play

Feature image: Network 10.