Harley Breen's New Show Tries To Find Humour In Terminal Illness

Comedian Harley Breen stopped by 'The Project' panel to chat about his new series, 'Taboo'.

The comedian, who has noted he's at "the peak of privilege mountain", has created a show where he spends time with members of a disadvantaged group of society then proceeds to absolutely roast them in a standup comedy routine -- all while they're sitting in the front row.

Breen first debuted the concept during 10's Pilot Week last year, and it's now back for a full series -- which includes a whole episode about getting to know people with terminal illnesses, a topic that isn't usually joked about.

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"Terminal illness can't just be dark and sad, because that's it," Breen told The Project panel.

"And of course there's joy and hilarity within those stories so that's what I tried to listen to."

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Breen said in no way is he trying to make terminal illness funny, instead trying to make it funny for those with the diagnosis by spending time with them, listening to their stories and "hopefully finding comedy in it".

The comedian said he'd pretty much tackle any taboo topic for the show, as long as he had the "absolute consent" of those involved.

He added that he's received really positive feedback from people who have bravely signed up to be part of his comedy routine.

"We still speak, we have a group Facebook chat and we all talk," he said.

"The participants from the first four episodes all loved it."

'Taboo' returns to 10 and WIN Network very soon.

Main Image: Network 10.