'The Masked Singer' Is Not Just Another Singing Show

Clear your schedules and get ready, because 10 is upping the ante of singing shows everywhere.

That's right, it's been a long and winding journey since 2003 when we revolutionised television with 'Australian Idol' back in the day, but we're ready to shake things up once again when we deliver 'The Masked Singer' later this year.

Now, this isn't hopeful singers looking for their big break. This is celebrity names you know and love, performing for a panel of judges, who then have to guess who's singing that tune.

'Are the judges blindfolded?' you may be wondering.

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No, but the celebrities will be dressed in head-to-toe costumes as they sing, leaving the judges, and armchair detectives everywhere, to listen to the voice, follow the clues and figure out who's behind the mask.

The aim of the game is to be the final singer standing as they unmask competitors one by one.

Oh, also? They're not all singers, and what's more fun than a famous athlete in fancy dress, warbling off-key to their favourite tune?!

Beverly McGarvey -- Network 10’s Chief Content Officer -- announced the new show today, saying:  “We are so thrilled to have 'The Masker Singer' on 10. It is genuinely original, addictive and a little bit bonkers. It is not that often that you get to launch something that feels so unique and exciting. We cannot wait to get going and have the whole country playing along.”

Honestly, we can't wait.

Feature image: 10