Kelsey Grammer Says 'Frasier' Revival Will Be 'A New Life, In A New City'

Kelsey Grammer finally spilled some tea on the "continuation" of 'Frasier', which ended back in 2004.

Sitting down to chat with Lorraine Kelly, Kelsey confirmed that there is a 'Frasier' revival in the works.

The confirmation comes after he was snapped by paparazzi holding what looked to be a script with the 'Frasier' logo on it.

When asked about the rumours, Kelsey revealed that it wasn't a specific script for a revival, but rather, a round up of premises for how a new 'Frasier' series could work.

"That little folder is filled with six different ideas that are all in contention for what may be the new 'Frasier'," the actor revealed, adding that the show would be "a continuation of 'Frasier'".

While the ideas are "similar", Kelsey went on to share that the "continuation" would see "a new life, in a new city" for Frasier.

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Kelsey went on to note that it would be important to have all the right elements in place, mentioning that it would be difficult to replace actor John Mahoney, who died last year.

"Of course, John Mahoney died so you’d need to replace that energy, perhaps like they did on Cheers with Coach, they found Woody, who had the same kind of sensibility," Kelsey said.

Now, there's no word yet on whether they're planning to include a dog in the reboot, but if this quote from Kelsey's 1995 autobiography is anything to go by, we'd guess no!

It's widely rumoured that I hate the dog, and it's kind of fun to perpetuate the myth. The truth is, I have nothing against Moose. The only difficulty I have is when people start believing he's an actor. Acting to me is a craft, not a reflex. It takes years to master, and though it does have its rewards, the reward I seek is not a hot dog. Moose does tricks; I memorise lines, say words, even walk around and stuff. But I don't need a trainer standing off-camera, gesticulating wildly and waving around a piece of meat, to know where I'm supposed to look.

Feature image: NBC