Troy Kinne's Heart Is On The Wrong Side Of His Body, He Tells In Hilarious Project Chat

Comedian Troy Kinne nearly had to delay filming for his new series because his medical insurance exam took so long.

Chatting to The Project panel ahead of the debut of his 'Kinne Tonight' series, Troy explained he's got a pretty rare heart condition called dextrocardia, where his heart is on the right-hand side of his body -- instead of the left.

"Everything's reversed," the comedian explained, adding that only one of his lungs works to full capacity.

"I got told when I was young that I can’t be a policeman or a soldier... but that's for other reasons!" he joked. 

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Kinne said that having dextrocardia is pretty rare and "when doctors find out, they get off on it!"

"They want to feel it" he insisted, retelling a hilarious a story of meeting a cardiology student on a flight home to Melbourne one day who just had to have a listen to his beating heart, as he re-enacted with Tommy Little on the panel.

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With Channel 10's annual Pilot Week just around the corner, he also gave some very handy advice to this year's batch of hopefuls, hoping to earn the green light from TV loving Australians to score an entire series.

"You've just got to do it, not expecting a result out of it, you've got to do it for fun," he wisely said.

Kinne Tonight airs Mondays from 9.30pm on 10 and WIN Network.

Main Image: Network 10.