The Definitive Guide To The Best Episodes Of 'Catfish'

Over the years, 'Catfish' has served up some serious twists and turns. With the new out that 10 will be launching 'Catfish Australia' during Pilot Week later this year, we decided to take a walk down memory lane.

Jasmine and Mike

Mhissy became a true anti-hero the second she strutted across the carpark, flinging a rose in her nemesis' face. She'd been catfishing Jasmine -- her ex-friend -- for two years, to keep him away from a guy she was interested in. Props for dedication, we guess?

Watch it here.

Artis and Jess

Truly one of the wildest 'Catfish' confrontations the series ever saw, turns out 'Jess' was actually Justin, a strange and aggressive man who's a vigilante for the betrayed in his spare time, teaching cheaters everywhere a lesson by... pursuing them romantically???

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Spencer and Katy

What else is there to say, other than "this man thought he was dating Katy Perry for six years", honestly??? Literally. He thought. He was dating. Katy. Perry.

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Antwane and Tony

Sometimes, as we're drifting off to sleep late at night and our minds start to wander, there'll be a small voice in the back of our head: "You shoulda never called me a fat ass Kelly Price!"

An instantly iconic line for an equally iconic episode, Carmen raised the bar on being a petty b***h who lives for drama when she catfished her cousin and best friend Antwane for THREE YEARS because he insulted her, before contacting Nev and Max, leading them on a wild goose chase that ended in the big reveal.

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Lucille and Kidd Cole

Is there anything more satisfying than the above scene, in which Nev had absolutely Had It with catfisher and faux-rap star Kidd Cole, and tossed his phone right off the bridge. After years of having his optimism worn down by unrepentant catfishers, Nev snapped, as production stepped in and quickly promised to replace the phone.

Watch it here.

Of course, these are just the top five most memorable episodes, and there's plenty more where they came from, especially with 'Catfish Australia' in the works. Speaking of which, are you talking to someone online and want to find out if they are who they claim? Or have you told a few fibs yourself and want to come clean?

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