Harley Breen's 'Taboo' Scores A Logie Nomination

Originally part of 'Pilot Week', Breen's series picked up a Logie nomination ahead of new episodes being released.

Each week 'Taboo' sees Breen spend time with a group from marginalised minorities, who share their stories with him and open up about their experiences. Following that trip, Breen writes and performs a stand-up special about that group.

As Breen explains it, 'Taboo' is "a show about laughing with people you shouldn't be laughing at".

Based on a Belgian series by the same name, 'Taboo' was first a part of 10's 'Pilot Week' where Breen went away with a group of people with physical disabilities. When the episode aired audiences were immediately blown away by the concept, the exceptional people it featured and Breen's performance.

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Now the series has three more episodes coming soon to 10, focusing on mental illness, racism and terminal illness. But the show has something else to celebrate too: a Logie nomination.

On Sunday, the TV Week Logies announced 'Taboo' was nominated for Most Outstanding Factual or Documentary Program.

The show is nominated alongside ABC's 'Employable Me', 'Ron Iddles: The Good Cop', 'Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane' and 'The Pacific - In the wake of Captain Cook with Sam Neil'.

'Taboo' is set to return to Network 10 very soon, so stay tuned for more of the Logie-nominated series!

Featured image: Network 10.