‘I'm So Sorry, Grandma!’: The Secret Recipes That Got Spilled On MasterChef

Would you risk the wrath of your grandmother and share her kitchen secrets on national TV?

Our 'MasterChef' contestants didn't really have a choice as they were asked to spill their guts and plate up one of their biggest culinary ~secrets~ in order to avoid heading to an elimination challenge.

It's a secret! Photo: Network 10.

The secrets ranged from treasured family recipes to deep, dark personal secrets, to the kind of kitchen hacks our amateur cooks probably would have rather kept to themselves.

Here are the most delicious, most mysterious recipes they revealed.


Larissa dug into her grandma's kitchen archive and decided to make knafeh --a Middle Eastern dessert of set milk custard with a crunchy layer -- with one controversial twist.

"Traditionally, my grandma would make the knafeh with a semolina crumb but the secret is I’m using cornflakes instead," she revealed, looking a little worried. "I'm so sorry, grandma!" she added.

Luckily her crunchy breakfast cereal risk paid off, with George declaring the dish better than the classic knafeh recipe.

The controversial cornflakes. Photo: Network 10.

A flaky success! Photo: Network 10.

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Steph stepped into the 'MasterChef' confession booth to explain that her recipe was both a secret AND pinched from a certain family member without their knowledge.

"Not many people actually know I’ve actually stolen this particular recipe!" she bravely revealed. 

"And from my mother in law, nonetheless. So as much as I want to share it, I’m a little nervous!" Steph said of the secret vindaloo recipe. 

Steph, the stealer of secret recipes! Photo: Network 10.

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Another recipe, another instance of mother-in-law trickery! Tim said that even though his wife's mum hates cauliflower he once bamboozled her into trying it after disguising it in all a whole lot of "cheeky goodness". Genius!

Tim's secret cauliflower. Photo: Network 10.

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Tati learned to cook from her grandmother and shared the recipe to her sour chicken curry with rempeyek peanut crackers. The tasty secret to those crispy, crunchy crackers? Candlenuts!

Candlenut secrets! Photo: Network 10.

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We learned that Nicole spent her childhood as a fruit burglar -- stripping the trees in her family's front yard of produce before she left the house of a morning.

"I used to pick all the fresh figs and hide them, I used to take them to school with me," she confessed as she served up her fig frangipane tart with yoghurt sorbet.

Nicole revealed a delicious secret she's been hiding for years. Photo: Network 10.

We also learned Sandeep's secret garam masala mix, that Ben uses Vegemite in his ragu sauce for an extra umami kick and that Kyle's lime and mint salad is actually a dessert, surprise!

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