MasterChef: The Secret To Making The Perfect Dumplings

Secrets Week kicked off with with a mystery box containing a very special kitchen implement.

A tiny, wooden cylinder that only Derek seemed to recognise immediately --  with the dowel-shaped object drawing blank stares from most of the other contestants.

The answer? It's the specialised rolling pin responsible for flattening out dumpling pastry so it's ready to fill with deliciousness then steam or fry, eat and repeat.

All hail the dumpling rolling pin. Photo: Network 10.

The contestants were treated to a mini masterclass from a dumpling master from the legendary Din Tai Fung, Edward Yulianto. Edward schooled them on the art of the xiao long bao (XLB) -- pillowy Chinese soup dumplings that melt in the mouth.

The pork stuffing contains tiny cubes of gelatin that liquefy into a tasty broth after the dumplings are steamed ... and are you hungry yet? 

Photo: Network 10.

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Edward reckons he's made about a MILLION dumplings during his nine-year-career, so he had plenty of good tips about creating and eating the XLB.

Like, if you pierce a small hole in the dumpling first with a chopstick and let the broth pool into your spoon, you won't burn your tongue, which is something we wish we knew a long time ago. 

Gimme. Photo: Network 10.

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Edward showed off his dumpling rolling and folding wizardry -- taking just four seconds to flatten out the dough to the perfect thickness with his handy dumpling roller.

His secret tips? Using a set of scales to make sure you're getting the exact right amount of filling in each pocket, making sure there are at least 18 folds in the pastry when you crimp it up and then steaming the XLB for eight minutes.

Easy, right? Or you know, you could just leave it to the professionals and work on your dumpling eating skills instead!

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