MasterChef: The Legends Week Dishes That Knocked The Socks Off The Judges

Legends Week has come to an end, but which dishes most impressed our esteemed guests?

Rick Stein, Clare Smyth, Yotam Ottolenghi and Donovan Cooke popped by the 'MasterChef' kitchen this week to lend their expertise -- and were blown away by a few memorable meals made by our amateur cooks.

It's daunting enough to meet your hero, let alone be expected to cook them a fabulous meal in a stressful situation with cameras recording the whole ordeal. These are the contestants that not only stayed cool under pressure but plated up recipes that the Legends themselves were eyeing off excitedly, no doubt feeling a little inspired themselves.

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Rick's Pick

Seafood king Rick Stein put together a mystery box that contained cuttlefish, tomatoes, pinenuts, basil, bone marrow, garlic, Australian raisins and a powerful Calabrian chilli paste.

The most impressive use of those ingredients? It was Larissa Takchi's chargrilled cuttlefish with garlic bone marrow -- a recipe that you can find over here.

Larissa's chargrilled cuttlefish impressed Mr Stein. Photo: Network 10.

"She's got the caramelisation there," said Stein of the flavour packed dish, adding that Larissa had really nailed the Sicilian secret to cooking, "exaggerating!"

Dessert queen Larissa got the shock of her life that she'd nailed the savoury dish. Photo: Network 10.

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Clare Smyth's Devilish Pear Pressure Test

Legendary British chef Clare Smyth brought in the recipe for her pear and lemon verbena vacherin for this week's pressure test. And with over 60 steps and taking four hours to construct, it was a doozy.

Dessert whiz Derek Lau impressed the judges the most with his near-identical version that George Calombaris commented was "beautifully constructed".

Smyth smiled and nodded as she took a bite of the vacherin and sang Derek's praises.

"It's precise, each layer is perfect -- the thickness of the meringue, the proportions of the pear, it's a really precise piece of work," she said.

If you have a few spare hours and a steady pair of hands, you can find Clare's recipe over here.

Yay Derek! Photo: Network 10.

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The Master Of The Office Kitchen Appliance Challenge

This challenge was technically a stepping stone to reach the ultimate immunity cook with someone that definitely born to be a chef, Donovan Cooke.

Armed with a kettle, microwave and sandwich grill, Tati Carlin impressed Matt, George, Gary -- and mentor Matt Sinclair -- with her Vietnamese pancake with grilled chicken and fish sauce dressing and opened up a whole world of possibility for amateur office chefs everywhere.

You too can make this during your lunch break! Photo: Network 10.
Tati's face when her toastie grill pancakes got her through to cook against Donovan Cooke. Photo: Network 10.

You can find Tati's ingenious recipe over here.

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Ottolenghi Approved Street Food

Mr Yotam Ottolenghi mentored our contestants as they split into teams at Melbourne's HWKR food centre to cook the kind of Mexican, Malaysian and Indian food that's found in a humble location, but sends your tastebuds into ecstasy.

The yellow team's charred corn with paprika butter and chipotle mayo nailed the brief and Ottolenghi praised the no-fuss, flavour packed Mexican dish.

Can we have some? Photo: Network 10.

"Don't you admire simplicity?" asked Ottolenghi, who named his last cookbook 'Simple'.

"How long does it take to char corn? Those are the kinds of dishes you want to have!" he said.

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The London-based chef awarded the corn a solid "10 out of 10" and said he'd be very happy if he'd been served the dish on the streets of Mexico City.

If you're in the mood to char some corn this weekend, it won't take you too long at all -- find the recipe over here.

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