Peter Rowsthorn: ‘Celebrity Name Game’ Is A Lot Like Cricket

Peter Rowsthorn told us that his hilariously bad stint on 'Celebrity Name Game' was a lot like a game of cricket.

And not because it dragged on for several hours or days, but because the outcome can often be determined by a few crucial moments at the very beginning of a game.

“You know when you go into a situation like this and think, I’m going to nail this?" he asked 10 daily via the phone. 

"It turns out, I wasn’t very good at it," the 'Kath & Kim' actor laughed. 

"If you can’t get one [answer] early on… it’s a bit like playing cricket," he explained, adding that "if you hit a four really early in the game then you can set yourself up but I really struggled with the first couple and thought, ‘oh no’.

“I really lost my confidence," he said of the new game shows on 10 that requires a combination of excellent charades skills, a wealth of pop culture knowledge and the ability to think on your feet. 

Peter Rowsthorn tested out his Celeb Name Game skills. Photo: Network 10.

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The comedian is no stranger to the last requirement, having made many appearances on 'Thank God You're Here' back in the day, the show that sent comedians through a mystery door and into a random skit with absolutely no preparation.

"So I used to do quite a lot of those [episodes] and the beauty of that show was that it required no thought, in fact, that was the key to it -- don’t think about it, just do it!" he said. 

But the same attitude just didn't work with 'Celebrity Name Game', which Rowsthorn said he perhaps should have "put some more thought into".

"It’s just so hard to think of things and not say the thing, that’s the key to the game," he told 10 daily. 


Rowsthorn told us that although his charades game needs some work, his pop culture knowledge is pretty top-notch, revealing to 10 daily that he's actually pretty down with the kids.

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"I”m pretty good, generally because I have kids, I have a 12-year-old so I have to keep hip with the youngsters," he proudly told us. 

"Guess who I went and saw?" he added, showing off one of his favourite new musical icons. 

"Billie Eilish!  She’s good, she’s very cool," he said of the 17-year-old singer from the US who recently toured Australia. 

And although his musical palate is extremely refined, Rowsthorn admitted he does have a few blind spots when it comes to a certain smash TV show.

"If pop culture was all about 'Game of Thrones', I’d struggle," he admitted. 

"I’m not good at your 'Hobbit'-y, witch-y type stuff, I just don’t care for it!" he laughed. 

Will Peter get served up a tricky 'Game of Thrones' question on 'Celebrity Name Game'? We certainly hope so. Tune in to 10 on Friday, May 24 at 6pm to find out!

Catch 'Celebrity Name Game' on 10 and WIN networks at 6.00pm weeknights and on 10 play.

Main Image: Network 10.