Tommy Little Just Did A Shoey On The Project

It's an age-old Aussie tradition -- the shoey -- and now it's been immortalised on your airwaves.

The act of drinking out of shoe is may be well-known around the country, but the rest of the world is only just starting to become aware of it -- and they are seriously confused.

On Tuesday, the New York Times posted an article calling the shoey "Australia's grossest drinking tradition". International stars -- like U.S. country singer Kacey Musgraves, who drank tequila out of a glass stilletto earlier this year while touring Australia -- have been left startled and disgusted by the act, encouraged by their local fans.

"I'd never even heard of a shoey until I got there [Australia], and it's a thing, it's disgusting and I did it," country music star Dustin Lynch told The Project.

Tommy Little, who has a history of performing shoeys, felt the need to defend the honour of the act.

"I think if Americans are disgusted by the shoey, it's because they are weak," he said.

"I think the shoey is great. Long live the shoey."

Little asked his co-hosts to donate a shoe to his cause, and it was Gorgi Coghlan who offered up her own shoe -- but it came with a warning.

"Well this is a shoe, I have to say, that both [Carrie] Bickmore and I share, so you've got a double-whammy there of germs," Coghlan said.

Tommy Little showed his 'shoey' skills on The Project. Photo: The Project

To the audience's chants of "shoey', Little poured in a beer and downed it like a pro, before offering the shoe back to Coghlan.

"That makes me feel so sick," she replied.

Viewers were left divided over Little's shoey feat, with responses ranging from "what even" to "Aussie legend".