'The Sopranos' Cast Chatted With KAK About The Mafia

Can you think of a more surprising headline on this fine Wednesday?

In Australia for a series of live appearances reflecting on their time on 'The Sopranos', Steve Scirrippa (Bobby Baccala), Vince Pastore (Big Pussy) and Michael Imperioli (Christopher Moltisani) joined our very own Kerri-Ann Kennerley on the 'Studio 10' couch.

"This is a magic moment for me!" exclaimed KAK, revealing herself to be a 'Sopranos' fan since day one, before asking them if they ever had any real-life mafia members reach out to them about their work on the show.

"Yeah they knock on my door once in awhile," smirked Vince.

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Steve jumped in. "Well you know, of course, over the years they start thinking you're the character... I lived in Manhattan and I was bringing my laundry to the cleaners, and this guy said 'hey, you know, I love the show but last night, anyone who's ever killed someone will know that's not how you do it,' and I went, 'all right! I gotta get going! I'll see you soon!'"

Michael agreed. "There are a few people... most of them like the show, which was good. I'm glad about that."

Vince went on to reveal that during the first season, they "loved" his character, but quickly turned when his character was revealed to be a rat.

"After that, they didn't wanna talk to me," he said. "I swear to God!"

The trio also shared memories of seeing themselves on a billboard in Times Square promoting the show when it debuted. Watch the whole chat above.

Main Image: Network 10.