People Are Summing Up 'Game Of Thrones' In One Tweet And It's Glorious

Ever tried to explain the complex web that is Game of Thrones to a wildling? Nightmare.

The TV phenomenon has transfixed millions worldwide, with fans sitting through eight seasons and 71 episodes of massacres, heartbreak, incest and dragons.

They know the characters, the places and the plotlines better than the back of their hand, shared theories around the office printer and refused to make non-GoT plans on a Monday night -- if they hadn't chucked a sickie -- but when Aunty Karen comes around for dinner and asks what the hype is all about, many draw a blank.

The old, "it's too hard to explain but you HAVE to watch it" would be the common response.

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So for the benefit of non-watchers, author and psychologist Amy Cuddy has issued a challenge to all the Throners out there: explain all of Game of Thrones in one Tweet.

Responses actually aren't bad.

Some went the whole hog, explaining the major themes:

Other's tried to sum up the plot points as briefly as possible:

Others just nailed it with some keywords -- because why not?

So there you have it non-fans, clear as mud.

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You're not too late to jump aboard the GoT train and it won't take months to watch through each and every episode of every season.

If you can sit on your couch for three days and 16 minutes straight, without sleeping, eating or going to the loo, you'll be all caught up.