Nadine Garner: "It’s Really Fantastic To Have Australian Content On Television"

Chatting to 10 Daily over the phone about her role on the Stephen Curry-led dramedy 'Mr. Black', Nadine Garner was emphatic. If we don't support local scripted content, networks will stop producing it for us.

"If there are no incentives for networks to make Australian drama, they will stop, because it’s a lot cheaper to buy it in from somewhere else, I can assure you of that," Nadine explained.

"I think it’s really fantastic to have Australian content on television and it’s great when people turn on Australian TV and support it -- I know people love reality TV but we also need to support local drama because it’s important."

She continued: "It’s important that we tell our stories for our culture, for our people. So, I just love it and encourage people to tune in and watch the local content because it’s really vital for our industry that we do."

Aside from being good for the industry, of course, Nadine hopes people will tune in to 'Mr Black' because she'd "just love for it to do well".

Noting her reverence for Stephen, as well as writer Adam Zwar, she said that it was a very easy decision to join the cast as Mr Black's ex-wife, Rowena.

"When you’ve got Adam Zwar and Stephen Curry on the project, you don’t ask too many questions, you just say yes!" she said, adding that Stephen "couldn't be more opposite" to his surly character, and that cast mates Sophie Wright and Nick Russell are "so very talented" and "lovely to work with" as well.

Her character Rowena, she said, is "a woman having the time of her life" after her divorce.

"He’s made her miserable for a long time and she’s finally got herself free and got herself a new life," Nadine told us, continuing: "So she swans back in and sets the cat among the pigeons by just being her most fabulous self, and making him irate and furious."

The gleeful chemistry between the characters as they spar, she said, suggests that perhaps these two "probably still love each other" on some level.

"They’re totally over each other but they’re probably never going to be free of each other because there’s a dynamic between them that they just can’t get over," she said. "It’s really fun and I love playing with Stephen because he’s so funny, and he’s so open and kind and you know, just makes everybody feel great around him."

With the show revolving so heavily around the power struggles that can take up so much space in our lives, we had to know what the most ridiculous power struggle going on in Nadine's life was.

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"Oh it’s probably with my 13-year-old son!" she exclaimed immediately. "Yeah! He’s six-foot-one and the struggle is that, you know, I can still tell him what to do, even though I’m looking up at him and he’s looking down at me."

Although they "remain kind and considerate, most of the time," Nadine exclaimed with a laugh: "It's a real power struggle!"

"We both realise that if he really doesn’t wanna do something, there’s not a lot I can do about it," she explained. "We haven’t said those words, though. The moment we say those words to each other it’s game over and I lose control. So it’s a subtle, unspoken control that I have, that could be taken away at any minute! I’m hanging on, though, because he’s only 13! So I can’t lose control just yet!"

Describing her power over her son as "some kind of mystical persuasion", she mused: "Once they actually realise that they’re bigger, stronger, and probably more clever than you, it’s game over, right?"

She finished: "You just keep calling their bluff for as long as you can, until the day they wake up and say ‘Hey mum, it’s all over. I’m outta here!’"

Mr. Black airs at 8.40pm Tuesdays, only on 10 and WIN networks. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play or 10 All Access.