James Corden Forced Céline Dion To Give Away Some Of Her Thousands Of Shoes

You will actually not believe how many shoes Céline Dion has.

The return of James Corden's Carpool Karaoke began with the biggest of bangs as he went to Las Vegas to pick up none other than Céline Dion.

And it was bonkers from the very start.

Basically, every single thing James said was riffed into a song by the iconic musical legend. Corden could barely get a word in without Dion launching into one of her -- or literally anyone's -- song even slightly related.

Singing some of her amazing classics like "All Coming Back To Me Now" and "Because You Loved Me", Corden also introduced Dion to another musical classic: the relentless earworm that is "Baby Shark".

But Dion wasn't the only one learning things during the trip. When Corden asked how many pairs of shoes she had, the "Heart Will Go On" singer revealed she had THOUSANDS of pairs.

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"I have a place in Las Vegas where, uh, let's call it... 'a warehouse'," she told a shocked Corden.

Not only that but she had an entire Ferris wheel-like system to organise her mountains of shoes.

"The counter was built up about this thick, glass, and it was all broken diamonds," she said before adding, "not real diamonds -- just to make sure you don't think I'm loco."

Because everything else was totally not-loco.

Céline Dion's Ridiculous Addiction Exposed In Carpool Karaoke
Corden's reaction after finding out the system Dion had to organise her 10,000 pairs of shoes was our face too. Photo: CBS via YouTube.

Despite her obvious love for footwear, Dion tried to tell the 'Late Late Show' host that she wasn't emotionally invested in her 10,000 pairs of shoes. Which Corden decided to put to the test when he forced her to give away her shoes to random people on the street.

Needless to say, she was not a fan.

Still, as the song says, Celine will go on, so she and Corden reenacted the iconic song from 'Titanic' complete with Leo's hair and the heart of the ocean itself.

Near, far, wherever you car(pool karaoke). Photo: CBS via YouTube.

Make sure to check out the full segment (you will NOT regret it) here.

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