MasterChef: This Is What Would Actually Happen If You Cooked Fish At Work

The 'MasterChef' office kitchen appliance challenge was inspirational, but was it realistic?

In order to get a step closer to an immunity pin, contestants Larissa, Tati, Steph and Abbey were tasked with creating a meal in just 45 minutes, using three office kitchen appliances -- a kettle, a microwave and a sandwich press.

The clever women came up with creations that went above and beyond the brief, showing us a thing or two about what we could be whipping up in our lunch break.

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Larissa plated up some popcorn grits with pan-fried calamari, Steph managed to serve up an eggplant curry, Abbey magicked a fillet of snapper with cauliflower and pickled veg, and Tati won the challenge with her Vietnamese pancake with grilled chicken and fish sauce dressing.

Fancy some snapper at work? Photo: Network 10.

But rather than being impressed by our contestants' culinary know-how and quick thinking, viewers were APPALLED that anyone would dream of cooking seafood in a shared work environment.

Some pointed out the realities of cooking in the office -- explaining that time, the cleanliness of the work kitchen and having to share appliances with your hungry colleagues might pose a problem.

But more worryingly, this 'MasterChef' segment might have inspired a whole new generation of office kitchen gastronomers, so, if you smell snapper wafting down the hallway tomorrow, you've been warned.

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