'Get This Cable Out Of My Ass': Black Mirror Season 5 Episode Titles Revealed

Netflix has released the first look at the next batch of techno-dystopic episodes from the fan-favourite series.

UPDATE:  Netflix has now announced the 'Black Mirror' will hit the streaming service on Wednesday, June 4.

We now have titles, brief descriptions and casts for the upcoming batch of 'Black Mirror' episodes.

The previous shock of seeing Miley Cyrus in the teaser subsided, we can now reveal she's starring in an episode called "Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too".

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In the ep, Cyrus plays a pop star named Ashley, who releases a little robot so fans can get closer to her -- but her life of Hollywood glamour isn't everything that her young fans think it is.

Another ep is called "Smithereens" and stars Andrew Scott, Damson Idris and Topher Grace. In it, a cab driver with some sort of agenda sees his chance to make a point.

Obviously -- as things in the world of 'Black Mirror' tend to do -- everything spirals out of control.

The third episode features 'Avengers: Endgame' star Anthony Mackie alongside Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Nicole Beharie, Ludi Lin and 'Guardians of the Galaxy' star Pom Klementieff in an episode called "Striking Vipers".

In Vipers, two college friends reunite many years later which sets off a chain of events that could -- you bet -- force everything to spiral out of control.

We can't WAIT to be ultimately depressed by these futuristic episodes about how technology is ruining all our lives that we'll probably watch on our phones, lmao. If only we knew what "irony" meant!!!

Season five of 'Black Mirror' is set to hit Netflix on June 4.

Featured image: Netflix / Supplied.