The ONLY 'Game Of Thrones' Finale Scene That Had Fans Excited


It goes without saying that there were some strong opinions when it came to the series finale of 'Game of Thrones'.

And while the final ever episode of HBO's massive series had a few shocking twists, turns and the almost invention of democracy!

Regardless of what fans felt about the final episode of the series, there was one moment absolutely everyone was a fan of: Jon and Ghost's reunion.

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Yes, anyone who has been paying attention may remember that when Jon sent Ghost up north, he did so without even a little pat on the head. The amount of times Ghost came to Jon's side to help him out -- he even lost his damn ear -- and he didn't even get a head scratch.

Thankfully, in the final episode, Jon and Ghost were not only reunited, but Ghost finally got that pat he deserved.

Sure there are a few theories that after the massive backlash of the lack of pats, the writers went in and quickly scrambled to add the scene (this is absolutely unlikely but makes for some great tweets).

Still, regardless of what you thought about the final episode... this really was the perfect moment we ALL needed.

jon and ghost finally reunite in Game of Thrones series finale

Featured image: HBO.