'Sorry You Guys Are So Triggered': TV Host Slammed For Spoiling 'Game Of Thrones'

One of the hosts of 'The View' constantly sees herself shrouded in controversy, but this latest misstep could be her worst yet.

Meghan McCain is known for being the strong conservative voice on the panel, often clashing with the other hosts over politics -- but this week McCain did something truly unforgivable.

While chatting about the 'Game of Thrones' finale, McCain gave away the ending.

If you're trying to avoid spoilers, obviously the rest of this article will discuss what happened in the series finale so, don't blame us... blame Meghan McCain.

Okay, so in their hot topic discussions, the panel -- which included McCain, Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar -- were talking about the end of 'Thrones' and the various counselling services that had been set up to help people through the end of the series.

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McCain was one of the few who probably needed the service, saying she was thoroughly disappointed with the series finale.

"I spent eight years of my life watching this. And it was a horrible ending," she announced before adding, "Bran is the worst -- sorry spoilers -- He didn’t do anything and now he gets to rule? Should have been the mother of dragons," she ranted.

Unfortunately, not everyone on the panel shared her feelings with Hostin announcing she was still on the fourth season.

"As a dedicated fan who watched it live last night like everyone's supposed to, okay, it was terrible," McCain continued to the dismay of her co-panellists. "I'm so disappointed."

It wasn't just Hostin who hadn't seen the massive final episode, with McCain looking out into the audience and seeing faced of people genuinely shocked that she would so casually throw out spoilers.

"I’m sorry you guys are so triggered by me telling the ending," McCain mocked before later adding she expected to get "the wrath of the internet".

After the show, McCain jumped onto Twitter to attempt to warn those on the west coast not to watch her rant if they didn't want the ending of the series ruined.

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Featured image: ABC.