'Game Of Thrones' Final Episode: Who Won The Iron Throne?


The final ever episode of 'Game of Thrones' has finally wrapped, and we now know exactly what these last eight seasons have been building up towards.

Maybe you're a casual viewer, maybe you haven't even seen a single episode but you don't want to feel left out at the water cooler when EVERYONE is talking about the episode for the next week.

Obviously, if you clicked this far you KNOW there are spoilers for the series finale of 'Game of Thrones' -- and if for some reason you got this far and DON'T WANT SPOILERS: LOOK AWAY!

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After Daenerys' rampage on King's Landing last week, there were obviously going to be some big consequences and -- hoo boy -- were there.

Following the battle of King's Landing, Dany let her Unsullied know the war was not over. Not content with blowing up Cersei's house, the mother of dragons had big plans to "liberate" the world.

Obviously, a lot of people had a problem with that, and Jon decided to reciprocate some love for Dany before plunging a dagger into her.

'Game Of Thrones' Final Episode: Who Won The Iron Throne?
If only she was the Mother of Armoured Stomachs. Photo: HBO.

So with Cersei and now Dany out of the picture, who would take the Iron Throne? Well, the literal answer to that question is nobody. Following Jon's ultimate betrayal of his girlfriend-cum-aunt, Drogon the last standing dragon torched the throne until it was nothing more than some clumps of burning metal.

'Game Of Thrones' Final Episode: Who Won The Iron Throne?
Chair today, gone tomorrow. Photo: HBO.

But there was still the question of who would step into power, and in a meeting with the lords and ladies of the seven kingdoms, Tyrion nominated none other than Bran to take the top spot. Also, Sam briefly wanted to invent the notion of democracy and everyone was like: "Boo Sam -- that idea sounds crap."

'Game Of Thrones' Final Episode: Who Won The Iron Throne?
Bran, thrilled as always. Photo: HBO.

So there you have it. That's who "won" the 'Game of Thrones'. Kinda.

Featured image: HBO.