'Nope!': Is This The Hardest 'MasterChef' Dessert Yet?

Forget the V8 cake, the croquembouche and the Snow Egg, this could be the most difficult dessert in 'MasterChef' history.

And it's only Week 4.

But sure, let's make the contestants put together a dessert that has 67 steps and takes four hours to cook with ten minutes to plate up in front of judges Gary, Matt and George and it's diabolical creator and Legends Week guest, Clare Smyth.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to pear and lemon verbena vacherin HELL.

Just cast your minds back to last week and remember the blissful days of Nigella Week when Ms Lawson asked our contestants to cook tarragon roast chook with a few sides in order to escape elimination.

Simpler times.

It's left a lot of fans wondering what on earth our contestants will be asked to plate up in the coming weeks if they've been tasked with making this Michelin-starred masterpiece so early in the comp.

Jess Hall's vacherin ultimately cracked under pressure, its thin meringue walls unable to withstand the weight of all that deliciousness.

Which prompted fans to wonder if there's a simpler way to enjoy a sweet treat, without sweating for four hours over meringue moulds and pastry chef scales.

As a side note, I'd like to nominate 'Who Cares, Just Give Me A Twirl' as the name of my autobiography.

But if you'd like to spend the rest of 2019 reading the recipe for Clare's pear and lemon verbena vacherin and maybe even attempt to make it, you can head over here.

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