Literally Just A Celebration Of Ben's Shirts

He's been a quiet achiever in the kitchen so far but it is undeniable when it comes to shirts, Ben is the king.

Yes, we know, 'Masterchef' is all about the cooking, and some of the cooking this season has been incredible already -- and we're only a few weeks in. (If you haven't had four to six dreams about Derek's Korean fried chicken, you're not paying attention.)

But that's not why we're here today. No, instead we are here to talk about Ben Trobbiani's exceptional shirt game.

Masterchef 2019: Literally Just A Celebration Of Ben's Shirts
Name: Ben. Age: 24. Occupation: Shirt lord. Photo: Network 10.

The South Australian 24-year-old is very often rocking a bold look in the kitchen, from his floral party shirt to... his many other floral party shirts.

Amid the screams of George Calombaris counting down how long the chefs have left to cook their dishes, Ben's shirts scream back.

Even when he's up in the gantry, looking down at his fellow contestants cooking below, they are safe knowing Ben is watching over them. A gentle wave of calm washes over them like the waves dotted around his TWO ocean-esque shirts.

Masterchef 2019: Literally Just A Celebration Of Ben's Shirts
Masterchef 2019: Literally Just A Celebration Of Ben's Shirts

There also seems to be a never-ending supply of shirts. There are the more subtle prints:

The roaring explosions of colour:

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And even the occasional BUT RARE days when Ben takes a more muted approach:

It's also possible Ben's shirts are contagious, with others in the competition beginning to exhibit symptoms of wanting in on that party.

They may attempt to take the throne of Shirt King, but alas that honour will remain Ben's.

You're also probably wondering, 'Aren't there other things you should be writing about today?' and the answer to that question is no. This is important.

Because while Ben continues to entertain us with his delightful array of shirts...

Masterchef 2019: Literally Just A Celebration Of Ben's Shirts

It also means we get to talk about THIS JACKET:

Thank you so much for your time. We can only hope every apron in Ben's future is heavily patterned.

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