Please Enjoy These Hilarious Cake Fails To Feel Better About Your Dessert Disasters

Sometimes, best-laid plans go awry and meticulous recipe following still results in a gooey disaster.

The first 'MasterChef' Legends Week elimination challenge involves a dessert so complex that there are about 546 steps to follow to create the edible architectural masterpiece. Almost.

The diabolical dish is the brainchild of Clare Smyth -- who cut her teeth in Gordon Ramsay's kitchen and recently catered Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding.

So it's completely understandable when one of our contestant's attempts at the exquisite dessert goes horribly wrong -- with a heart-stopping implosion of meringue -- because they're still learning and desserts involve measuring ingredients precisely, an artillery of technical skills and the ability to stay calm and not throw the whole thing in the bin in a frustrated rage.

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We've compiled a few of the internet's most recent attempts to master technical cakes that have, shall we say, missed the mark because there's nothing like indulging in a little culinary schadenfreude to feel better about our own cake fails!

The Egyptian Cat Cake Fail

Bastet was the Egyptian feline deity who was believed to be the goddess of fertility -- but apparently not the goddess of domestic baking.

Photo: Pinterest/The Golden Cake Bakery + Instagram/@confused_astronaut
A Cake That Truly Hates Mondays

Honestly, this is the sort of cake Garfield himself would make, it's not perfect but it probably tastes great, perfect for dessert after a tray of lasagna.

Photo: Instagram: @mmsonja + @britwrights.

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A Collection Of Easter Cake Fails

Lambs and bunnies at Easter time, adorable! Until you forget that baby lambs don't have orange beaks and bunnies tend to have ears and not red jellybean demon eyes.

Photo: Instagram: @ambenco + @kerriwellmangayer
Photo: Pinterest: JackieDeCore + Instagram: @trichtricks.

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The Mona Lisa Smile

We're not exactly sure what the original mood board for this creation on the right might have shown -- a melted Ursula the Sea Witch? A sassy, sentient straw hat?

Photo: Mayte Rodriguez via Pinterest + Instagram: @lasvive.
An Attempt At A Katherine Sabbath Classic

Katherine Sabbath is known for her colourful, vibrant birthday cakes -- she even stopped by 'MasterChef' last year for a Sweet Week pressure test with this raspberry vanilla number.

It's unclear whether this amateur baker followed an official recipe here or just took some loose ~inspiration~ from Sabbath with a hastily added upside down ice cream cone.

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Mickey, Is That You?

This is definitely not a Disney approved recreation of the iconic cartoon mouse.

Photo: Instagram @didiana423 +@mx.emabeard
Gotta Catch Em' All

Full marks for imbuing the spirit of Pikachu into this cake, but minus points for the dessert ending up looking like some sort of happy traffic sign.

Photo: Instagram: @amor_didas_ednaderivas + @ohhrhonda.

But look, the important thing here is all of these cakes probably -- maybe -- still tasted delicious, even if they look like cursed edible artefacts found in a haunted bakery.

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