Katherine Kelly Lang Reveals Her Worst 'Bold And The Beautiful' Slap

In the last 32 years, Katherine Kelly Lang's character Brooke Logan has copped quite a few slaps to the face.

She's had bust-ups with rival Taylor Hayes, tiffs with her daughter Bridget and petty arguments with pretty much the whole cast of 'The Bold And The Beautiful' in the last few decades.

"Of all your co-stars, who hit you the hardest?" Lisa Wilkinson asked Lang, who stopped by 'The Project' on Sunday.

"Oh, it was Stephanie, [played by actress] Susan Flannery," she replied, without missing a beat.

"She hit really hard!" Lang said of her former co-star, who really knew how to perfect the ~drama~ of a well-timed TV slap.

Master slapper, Susan Flannery at work. Photo: Network 10.

Lang then agreed to give 'Project' co-host Tommy Little a master class in the art of stage slapping, teaching him how to move his head at just the right moment.

A thing of beauty!

Lang signed on to play Brooke Logan over three decades ago and said she had "no idea" how long she'd be playing the iconic character.

"I mean, I started the show, I signed a four-year contract and I thought, 'Okay we’ll see how that goes'," she said. 

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"That came and went so fast and I kept re-signing. Then I started having my children. It was a great job to have when you’re pregnant. And you can bring the babies to your dressing room and be there with them all day long."

After about ten marriages -- and a drawer full of wedding rings -- Brooke Logan is still a fan favourite on the show that celebrated its 8000th episode earlier this year.

Main Photo: Network 10.