'The Loop' Snags Exclusive Interview With PM Scott Morrison, Proceeds To Grill Him

In the first edition of 'The Loop Report', Scott Tweedie sat down with Prime Minister Scott Morrison to ask him some very tough questions.

Ahead of the Federal Election, Scott Morrison took time out from campaigning at factories and other factories to sit down and have the chat that everyone in the nation has been waiting for.

Speaking to newly minted Political Correspondent Scott Tweedie, PM Morrison was well and truly grilled on all things sausage.

From wondering if you can live off snags alone to how he truly likes his sausage sanga cooked to perfection, ScoMo wasn't holding back when it came to the hot takes.

Also credit where credit is due, how many other journalists have been brave enough to smash a sausage sandwich while trying to interview a politician?

'The Loop' Snags Exclusive Interview With PM Scott Morrison, Proceed To Grill Him
Scott "Snagaholic" Tweedie during the interview of his life. Photo: Network 10.

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Everybody knows the best part of any election is the inevitable Democracy Sausage (it's part of our system, right?) but if Morrison wants to hold onto the top job, we needed to get the goss on his BBQ tips and tricks.

The Prime Minister became especially cagey when it came to one subject he's been dodging for several weeks.

His opinion on BBQ sauce.

'The Loop' Snags Exclusive Interview With PM Scott Morrison, Proceed To Grill Him
The Frost/Nixon of our generation. Photo: Network 10.

Check out the full, incredible interview in the clip above.

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