Five Bedrooms's Katie Robertson Is The Housemate Of Your Dreams

When it came to Katie's role of Ainsley in 'Five Bedrooms' she admitted she auditioned her arse off.

"From the moment I read the script I wanted that role quite badly," Katie told 10 daily.

"I wouldn't say I was desperate. DON'T tell people that I was desperate. But I would have done anything for the role. Anything. You can print that," she added.

Ainsley is the beating heart of 'Five Bedrooms', not only the glue that really holds the five new, reluctant housemates together, but also someone who radiates love for others. Scratch even the tiniest bit under the surface and all that outward love covers up some epic heartache.

Katie Robertson Is The Housemate Of Your Dreams
Katie along with co-stars Doris Younane and Stephen Peacocke. Photo: Network 10.

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For the last five years, Ainsely has been in love with her co-worker Lachlan. Played by Hugh Sheridan, Lachlan is totally unaware that his "work wife" has been pining after him for all this time.

"There's a lot of Ainsley in me," Katie said, "As soon as I read her, I knew her. I was her in my early 20s. She is so giving and so bubbly and she makes friends with everyone that -- at the end of the day -- she doesn't give enough to herself or value herself enough which spills over into her romantic world."

Still, being in a one-sided love affair for five whole years is a tough situation to be in, and Katie admitted it was a hurdle in getting to understand Ainsley. "how she allowed that to happen without anything coming to the surface... like, five years is a really long time to do nothing about a crush. That was certainly a challenge."

Katie Robertson Is The Housemate Of Your Dreams
The absolute beating heart of the 'Five Bedrooms' house. Photo: Network 10.

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It helps at least that her co-star is ridiculously charming. "The casting of Hugh really helped me out a lot because he is so lovable and you can really understand how Lachlan gives just enough, he leaves just enough crumbs for Ainsley to believe one day she can have the whole cake."

"There's so much vulnerability to Ainsley, and that's what I love about her. As Katie, I really wanted to see her go on this journey and hopefully learn to stick up for herself a bit more and be a bit more assertive."

For Katie, approaching Ainsley took time to really understand how to embody her in a way that made sense. "I never wanted her to be 'adorkable'," she said as if the word was tinged with poison.

"I never wanted her to be this klutzy, ditzy ingenue type person, she's so much more than that and I'm not that. In casting me I think [showrunners Michael Lucas and Christine Bartlett] knew they weren't going to get the typical blonde quirky 'Whoopsies! I fell in love again, tee hee and I fell over!' type."

Katie Robertson Is The Housemate Of Your Dreams
Katie Robertson as Ainsley who she would like you to know she was not DESPERATE to play but would have done anything for the role. Photo: Network 10.

While Ainsley really is the driving force behind the big move to buy the house with her four new housemates, Katie says she's not looking to move back in with anyone any time soon.

"I had some of the best times of my life sharing with people who are lifelong friends," she said, "it was so much fun because there was always someone at home which... now... is like my worst nightmare."

"Coming home and there being a friend there it's like 'No!' I just want to sit on the couch by myself, it's bad enough my partner's there!" she said laughing, "I just want solace and my things the way I want them!"

And while she's happy to sit on her couch of solitude, Katie still gushes about the strange dynamic between the five characters.

"Living with each other is such a personal thing, it brings out the best and worst in these five really interesting, lovable people," she said. "They're hurting, they're fighting and there's so much life in all of them. At the end of that, you've got this weird little beautiful family."

Five Bedrooms airs 8.40 on Wednesdays on Network 10 and WIN.