Miley Cyrus Stars In Surprise 'Black Mirror' Season 5 Trailer

The latest chilling glimpse of 'Black Mirror' is here, and there's plenty of Miley to look forward to.

The trailer dropped online Wednesday night after an ominous tweet from the 'Black Mirror' account minutes earlier.

"Is this a bad time? You seem distracted," it read, amping fans up for the exciting announcement.

The new trailer seemingly features Cyrus as a pop star, first seen sitting at a grand piano as someone tries to convince her to get out on stage and please those 20,000 fans of hers.

There's also a creepy looking Alexa-type machine with a purple wig, Miley in a purple wig and -- twist -- Topher Grace in a wig!

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Miley confirmed she was starring in the latest season of the Netflix series last year during an interview with Howard Stern, and later explained to Vanity Fair that it was a pretty stressful time in her life when she was shooting her scenes for 'Black Mirror'.

I was working on Black Mirror in South Africa. The day I heard we lost our home [in the California fires], my scene was set at my house in Malibu. My character was having a panic attack, so needless to say the inspiration was there.

The new season is set for release on Netflix on June 5, with just three episodes expected.

We're just hoping Season 5 is going to be a whole lot less stressful than 'Bandersnatch' was.

Main Photo: Netflix