A Handy Guide To The Culinary Heroes Of Legends Week

What comes after Nigella Week? Legends Week, of course!

'MasterChef' is bringing out the culinary big guns this week, with our contestants being introduced to more of the heavy-hitting legends of the food world.

Just as our top 24 (now 19) realised during Nigella Week, meeting your idol can be a combination of pure joy mixed with sheer terror, and it's even more stressful when you're expected to cook for someone you've watched on TV grilling mullet in Tunisia or foraging for shellfish in Croatia.

The contestants have a jam-packed week ahead of them, scrambling to impress Rick Stein, Yotam Ottolenghi, Clare Smyth and Donovan Cooke -- here's what we're expecting from these ~legendary~ gastronomers.

Rick Stein

He's the King of Seafood, the Prince of Prawns and the Master of Mussels and we're hoping Rick sets some very fishy challenges for our contestants this week.

Stein is best known for his TV shows, and accompanying books, that combine cooking and travel -- like his iconic journey 'From Venice To Istanbul' and 'Rick Stein's Spain', so we can also expect his expertise on cuisines from right around the globe.

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Yotam Ottolenghi

Some people might baulk at the laundry list of ingredients needed to create an Ottolenghi feast --when was the last time you had some pomegranate molasses, dried barberries or rose harissa on hand in your pantry?

Still, there is honestly nothing more joyous than making (and eating) his roasted cauliflower, hazelnut and pomegranate salad or his scrumptious Nutella sesame rolls.

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We're expecting to see some of Ottolenghi's signature Middle Eastern meets Italian cuisine -- as showcased in his legendary cookbooks including 'Simple', 'Plenty' and 'Jerusalem'.

At the same time, we're also hoping to hear a few pearls of wisdom about cooking, eating and enjoying food. During his show at the Sydney Opera House earlier this year, he told former 'MasterChef' winner Adam Liaw that he "doesn't like to tell anyone what to eat".

"Mixing food with guilt is the worst combination," he added.


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Clare Smyth

Clare has a number of impressive accolades under her belt -- she's the first female British chef to hold three Michelin stars, and was voted the World's Best Female Chef in 2018.

Oh, and did we mention she happened to cater the royal wedding last year? Yep, Harry and Meghan chose Clare to cook for their 200 guests at their black-tie reception at Frogmore House.

We're expecting Clare to have a strong focus on beautiful produce, finessed techniques and some excellent mentorship for our 'MasterChef' contestants.

She was told by her old boss Gordon Ramsay that she "wouldn't last a week" in the kitchen but proved him wrong and worked at Restaurant Gordon Ramsay for 11 years, taking up the head chef position in 2007.

She's now running her own show at Core in London's Notting Hill -- an eatery that celebrates sustainable food and casual fine dining.

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Donovan Cooke

He's worked under some of the most famous chefs in the world including Marco Pierre White and Michel Roux, starting off his career at just age 15.

The Yorkshire born food wizard has worked at The Savoy Hotel, The Hong Kong Royal Jockey Club, The Atlantic in Melbourne, and more recently, Ryne in Fitzroy -- some very impressive credentials!

We're looking forward to some old school kitchen knowledge from Cooke and maybe some challenges that involve some classic cuisine française.

He also doesn't post much on social media so we're looking forward to getting to know him a little better during his time on 'MasterChef'!

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